turning the corner on life

As we close in on my 1.8 billion seconds on this planet, we have just passed my 56th rotation around the sun. This may seem like a strange way to describe my time here, but maybe I need to have an excuse to justify being something different after now.
I hope you won’t mind or block my desire to change.


A New Direction

Life continues to evolve in a steady and predictable rate. Every day I can only attend to and adjust a small number of events, practices and patterns. I am constrained by time and energy from doing more. The recognition of meaningful change is really reflective pattern analysis. It is only through this process that I notice that I am say … less stressed, healthier or more emotional (to name just a few of dozens of quick disparate possible observations).

I therefore, today, notice that I am making a choice to be simpler, more are of my patterns and ready to start consistent changes BASED of reflection.

Here goes something …

Folkian Tour

I took a trip an hour west of Sendai yesterday to a beautiful city called Yamagata. Yamagata is known for it’s great skiing and mountain spas… and a cool little bar called J’s Bar.

With the invitation of Jason, an English teacher, I met the owner Johnny and partook of an amazing musical experience. There is a bunch of guys from a town in the South that have completely embraced Ghanain drumming. They are called Folkian and they put on a great show. Here are a couple of pics and a link to a youtube video. What a great time. I also had the good fortune to meet a local resident, named Snowman, who is a ski nut. He has invited me back to Yamagata for some serious powder skiing once the snow flies. Yes!

Yamadera Buddhist Temple

Today I traveled about an hour from Sendai to visit an ancient Buddhist temple called Yamadera. It was built about 1200 yrs ago and is a tourist and devout mecca in this area.

Here are some of the things I experienced.

I also have a little video of what I experienced.

Temple Video

It is said that for every step you climb the mountain you are one step closer to enlightenment. Judging from my aching feet I am feeling pretty “Enlightened” tonight :>P