A New Direction

Life continues to evolve in a steady and predictable rate. Every day I can only attend to and adjust a small number of events, practices and patterns. I am constrained by time and energy from doing more. The recognition of meaningful change is really reflective pattern analysis. It is only through this process that I notice that I am say … less stressed, healthier or more emotional (to name just a few of dozens of quick disparate possible observations).

I therefore, today, notice that I am making a choice to be simpler, more are of my patterns and ready to start consistent changes BASED of reflection.

Here goes something …

Folkian Tour

I took a trip an hour west of Sendai yesterday to a beautiful city called Yamagata. Yamagata is known for it’s great skiing and mountain spas… and a cool little bar called J’s Bar.

With the invitation of Jason, an English teacher, I met the owner Johnny and partook of an amazing musical experience. There is a bunch of guys from a town in the South that have completely embraced Ghanain drumming. They are called Folkian and they put on a great show. Here are a couple of pics and a link to a youtube video. What a great time. I also had the good fortune to meet a local resident, named Snowman, who is a ski nut. He has invited me back to Yamagata for some serious powder skiing once the snow flies. Yes!

Yamadera Buddhist Temple

Today I traveled about an hour from Sendai to visit an ancient Buddhist temple called Yamadera. It was built about 1200 yrs ago and is a tourist and devout mecca in this area.

Here are some of the things I experienced.

I also have a little video of what I experienced.

Temple Video

It is said that for every step you climb the mountain you are one step closer to enlightenment. Judging from my aching feet I am feeling pretty “Enlightened” tonight :>P