creative alternative thinking #1

Create a sheet of material like bubble wrap that contains thousands of small gas pockets. Find a gas that responds to microwaves by changing color. Drap the sheet over a microwave and set it to run on high for a couple of minutes. Find the colored cells in the sheet to determine if you have a safe microwave oven.

Use the same cloth to show the microwave impact of cell phone use.

Here is a similar technology used to confirm even cooking IN the microwave.

<snip>We have developed indicators which would change color (e.g., red-to-green) when food has reached a predetermined temperature and humidity/steam. The microwave doneness indicators are steam/humidity & time-temperature indicators. They change color with time, temperature and humidity/steam. They don’t change color with only time, only temperature or only humidity. Our indicators change color, e.g., red-to-green/blue when the steam/moisture is produced for a certain period of time. These indicators are in form of labels. </snip src=””&gt;


2 thoughts on “creative alternative thinking #1

  1. Also: microwave excitable sulfur gas with enhanced red component of visible light emission from the lamp as a whole, the lamp having an arc discharge tube (18) light source, microwave excitation means (M) and an outer inert zone around the arc discharge tube having a layer of phosphor (16) selected to absorb a portion of blue-green spectral component of the arc discharge tube emission and emit a concentrated red region of spectral range of light to combine with non-red spectral components of light passing through the phosphor. The phosphor can be essentially homogeneous material or may comprise a mixture of distinct phosphor types and/or a multi-layered array.

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