Got my wheels in motion

I bought a second hand bike today in order to make getting around cheaper and faster. I found a brand new Giant ATX 840 for about a 1/3 of its regular price with only a few scratches on the frame. The guy at the store said that Japanese buyers are so discriminating that they won’t even look at a “second” unless it is really marked down.
I went exploring the city this morning… no map, can’t read the signs, can’t ask for directions, only a rough idea where the roads go to… skidaddle! It was fun. I was modest and only did an hour or so circuit. I like to go a different direction each day in order to really get the lay of the land. I will head off with my bike tomorrow. I may take a map but I find that I just spend a long time figuring out the map and not trusting my bearings and sense of position.


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